Endless Stickers


Client: Endless Stickers
Estimated time: 1 month
Tools: Chrome, JsBin, ShiftEdit
WWW: EndlessStickers.com

Services Provided

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Custom Development
  • SEO
  • Advanced JavaScript Development
  • Isotope Implementation

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The challenge

Taking an Ecommerce page to the next level.

This project was for a friend who agreed to give me some space for creative freedom. I personally like a challenge and decided that I was going to use Isotope to take this ecommerce site to the next level. My idea, to implement Isotope on the main product page and when the user clicks on the product expand the product information and include all options to check out right now from that page. This not only looks beautiful fully implemented but is outstanding from a POS marketing standpoint. Since we are selling stickers on this webpage, we are able to provide every bit of information that his users wanted while never having to load another page, and still able to provide a compact view of all the product images in the same page.

What client said?

The website looks amazing! Everyone keeps asking me how much I spent on it saying, “You must have spent a fortune!” – James Stremmel (Owner)